5 Compelling Reasons to Move Your Safety Program Online - Field Relay

February 5, 2016

Technology is so pervasive in business these days, so why does safety continue to lag behind? Paper-based safety programs dominate the industry, but the tide is starting to shift towards online systems, as companies are looking to make their safety programs and activities more accountable.

Software providers are getting more savvy about what information businesses should capture to keep their employees safe. Some systems are even built for mobile / tablet use, and allow employees to record toolbox meetings and hazard assessments, easily search the safety manual, and keep track of vehicle safety and maintenance. Yet many companies are still sticking with their paper-based systems. If you’re on the fence, here are five reasons why leading companies are moving safety online.

1. Start using real data to inform your decision making. No need to guess at what your top hazards are, or scramble to figure out what equipment is due for maintenance. When your safety data is online, you can harness it to your benefit through the power of reporting. Your entire company makes decisions based on other systems (e.g.: CRM systems, accounting systems, etc), so why not safety?

2. Keep things current, easily. Does your safety manual need an amendment? No big deal - make changes quickly online and have them distributed immediately to the entire workforce without the need to print more copies, replace pages or entire binders. Changes are seen immediately in the field or in the office - all employees have access to the same information, and it’s always the most current.

3. Go paperless! The bane of many safety managers is the large amount of paperwork that needs to be created, turned in, filed and kept for future reference. Having everything online means that foremen can submit their toolbox meetings online, and not on paper. Your safety manual can also be paperless, along with hazard assessments, inspection reports and maintenance logs.

4. Track participation easily. Within seconds, find out who is participating in safety meetings and activities, and who’s not. Some systems will even alert you when your employee certifications are coming due. Systems make it easy to track your team’s activities and participation at the click of a button.

5. Access information anywhere, anytime. Management has access to all information on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Out in the field or at the home of ce, and need to look up your last toolbox meeting? Online systems let you move away from thick binders and rely instead on your mobile devices to access all the information you need, wherever you happen to be.

This article was published in the Fall-Winter 2015 edition of the Alberta Construction Safety Association's Advisor magazine. You can download the complete issue here:

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