A Safety Perspective: 6 Questions with ACP Applied Products

December 7, 2017

Here at Field Relay, we’re lucky to serve companies that value safety culture and innovation as much as we do. From time to time, we’ll be featuring some of those companies and their safety managers on our blog, to find out what they do to create a culture of safety and the tools they use to help them achieve those goals.

We recently spoke to Sam Dehod, safety manager at ACP Applied Products, about her company’s road preservation services, her commitment to getting employees home safe every night and her belief in communication.

About ACP Applied Products

As a leader in road preservation and innovation, ACP offers services and product applications to help keep critical infrastructure in good operating order. Their services include asphalt milling, chip seals, gravel seals, FiberMat, microsurfacing, fog seals, crack treatment and cold in-place recycling.

As the safety manager at ACP, Sam skillfully stays ahead in an ever-evolving business. She proactively monitors regulatory changes and keeps her team informed, and works to develop a foundation for long-term growth and sustainability in a changing market.

Here is what Sam had to say about safety at ACP.

What are the top three priorities for safety at ACP?

  • Ensuring employees arrive home safely each and every day is top priority.
  • Transparency – we strive to operate in such a way that it is easy for each other to see what actions and solutions are being performed across the company.
  • Two-way communication – We need our employees to have a voice and feel comfortable coming to safety to report incidents and ask for advice.

What steps do you take to get your employees invested in workplace safety?

We have multiple safety committees that allow our employees to voice their concern. These committees not only give the employee a voice, but control over safety on the job.

What’s your best advice for inspiring a culture of safety within your team?

Give your team a voice. When they know their viewpoints matter, they flourish. And as a manager, remember to be a resource and not the safety police so that your team knows they are trusted.

What advice would you give to new safety leaders?

Small steps will ensure you get there. Trying to change the world over night will only cause more stress and fighting.

How has Field Relay impacted your business?

Field Relay has saved us countless hours with our foreman being able to access information online with ease. It has decreased the cost/impact on the environment with the reduction of printing materials, and helps keep us in compliance. It has also given us a better, real-time view on our multiple job sites spread out over the provinces.

How has Field Relay helped you to achieve specific safety goals?

Field Relay has made it easier to give our employees a voice. It has helped engage the younger generation, who are all about technology. Ease of access has allowed us to increase our near misses reporting, which has given us better view of what hazards are out on our job sites. This has allowed our safety team to push for more engineering controls in the field by having the data to back us up. It also allows our foremen to manage their crews better by being able to access employee certifications at their fingertips. Field Relay has strengthened the communication of incidents and hazards within the company as they are instantly shared when reported through the program.

Great work, Sam!

If you’d like to tell us about your organization’s safety culture and how you use Field Relay, drop us a line. You could be our next featured company!