A Strong Safety Program Gets You Organized For COR

COR. Anyone working in health and safety, construction or trades organizations knows that those three little letters can make or break your reputation, and make all the difference when a client is considering your bid.

The Certificate of Recognition has become a must in safety programs. It has become a necessary way to demonstrate your commitment to safety. But like any certification, there is work involved in obtaining it, much of which has to do with reporting and record keeping.

Enter Field Relay. You already know that this app can make your life easier by keeping you and your safety data organized, but did you know that it can help you with your COR application process as well? Here’s how:

Organize your safety program

The first step to COR eligibility is a strong safety program. But if your safety program is a handful of binders and good intentions, it’s not going to get you very far. Field Relay helps you get organized by allowing you to upload your safety manual, build consistent checklists and reporting mechanisms, capture the performance and qualifications of your team, and generate detailed reports.

Identify weak areas

When you start to record and report on all of your activities, you’re almost guaranteed to spot weak areas that you hadn’t noticed before. Maybe similar incidents or near misses keep occurring. Maybe reports aren’t being handed in on time. Maybe your safety checklists are due for an update. By analyzing the data you collect through Field Relay, you can catch these incidents before they occur and before the auditor for your COR application catches them for you, and make the necessary changes to keep your worksites safe.

Documentation, documentation, documentation

Applying for COR requires internal and external audits, and plenty of documentation to back everything up. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re scrambling to find or produce reports for an audit, or are digging through old paperwork to provide supporting documentation. Field Relay allows you to document every worksite- and safety-related activity in the moment, as it’s happening. Producing documents for your audit is as simple as clicking a button. In fact, some Field Relay users even invite auditors to review their Field Relay activity directly – it saves you a step and shows that you have nothing to hide.

Get the whole team on board

Field Relay requires buy-in from every member of your team, and that’s by design. Crews are responsible for submitting their reports, and everyone’s data will show up on your reports, for comparison. There is no better way to build a winning safety culture – the kind that earns you your COR – than getting the whole team involved.

Continuous improvement

Like any safety certification, your COR will have to be renewed at regular intervals. The renewal process requires you to submit evidence that you’ve maintained or improved your status during your last certification period. Field Relay allows you to document reports and statistics by date, so you can compare your progress year over year.

Ready to get organized for your COR application or renewal? Sign up for Field Relay today.

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