Branding Our Safety Management Platform

March 4, 2015

Working on your own logo is exciting because you’re working on a visual element that will represent you, your company and your product or service. At the same time though, you only get one shot at it. As you start to build your brand, consistency is important. So, there’s little room for change after you launch.

We had many expectations for our new logo, but five really stood out for me:

  1. It needed to play second fiddle to our customers. Since the main function of our site is to have another company implement their specific safety program, we felt that your logo, the customer logo, should be most prominent. It’s not often you put a lot of effort into something, and then hope it’s not noticed.
  • It needed to scale. With many of our users operating in the field, we knew that our site would be used on many devices. Our logo had to look great on a smartphone or tablet.

  • No logo mark. Similar to the “scale” argument (see above) we felt that a logo mark (a picture next to our name) would only muddy things as we shrunk it down.

  • Look confident, and be a good guy. We wanted something safe and approachable, with no letter hard to read. After looking at many typefaces, we ended up using a linear sans serif font. We then tweaked a few of the letters to change the personality and tightened the kerning. The typeface we chose is defined as being “good for identity, editorial and information design.”

  • We needed a strong icon. Knowing that our end use would be on a smartphone or tablet, we knew our mobile icon had to be very visible and easy to locate on people’s devices. We built a big FR with our name under it, and decided on the colour green (pantone 2417 for our print geeks and hex #249E6B for the pixel geeks). The green represents safety and helps it to be noticed when swimming with icons like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Some might think our logo is a little simple, but we’re pretty happy with how it turned out. Given the requirements, it checks all of the boxes. And most of all, it puts our customers first.

How'd we do? Share your thoughts with us.

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