Championing a Culture of Safety

February 27, 2015

Safety leaders don’t just meet government requirements; they set new safety standards for themselves and their industry. Setting new standards in safety is what Field Relay is all about. Born out of our compulsion to put technology to work improving processes and safety on the job, Field Relay is a safety management app that’s ready to go. Optimized for smartphones and tablets, Field Relay is flexible enough to use wherever your jobs take you and makes all your safety documents available in one easily accessible space. Field Relay will come with all these safety functions built in:

  • Web-based safety manuals
  • Jobsite field level hazard assessment forms
  • Toolbox (Tailgate / Startup) meetings
  • Customizable MSDS downloads
  • Time tracking
  • Employee participation tracking

In addition to all these features, we’re also working hard to implement:

  • Incident and near miss reports
  • Working alone check-ins
  • Pre-trip vehicle inspection reports

These are just a few of the safety management features that we’re packing into this powerful web app. We’re always working to make sure our products are as useful – and the industry as satisfied – as possible. Field Relay is free while we’re developing and during our beta period.

If you’re a safety manager or coordinator that wants to act as an advisor to us, please contact us. Hey, it comes with free access to those that help.

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