Field Relay Release Notes

October 24, 2016

Build 1.28.3

  • Incorporated "Last Week at a Glance" emails to Account owners (weekly roll up of account activity) Build 1.28.2
  • Better highlight the submitting user on Incident Reports Build 1.28.1
  • Under Competencies list, added ability to click on Competency or User to see list of related Users or Competencies Build 1.28
  • New module for Site Inspections Build 1.27.2
  • Now Project > Project Documents and Global > Resources can be flagged to be viewable to managers and up (restrict viewing to managers and up) Build 1.27.1
  • New field for equipment unit numbers on Incident reports Build 1.27
  • Colour coding of expiring certifications
  • Defined a new way of reporting people have first aid
  • Ability to print individual sections of the safety manual vs. the complete manual
  • Added the tracking of external users on Toolbox meetings