New Module: Site Inspections

We recently introduced a new module on Field Relay: Site Inspections.

The site inspections module is super simple to use. We've created a seamless way to record and track site audits, using a digital inspection form.

Here’s what the new module allows you to do:

  • Select not only the project, but the location within that project, that the inspection relates to. Get as specific as you want with location – it could be as broad as an entire worksite or as specific as the work trailer.
  • Build your inspection checklist by adding your own custom items. Inspections items that are specific to your business is important.
  • Use a tablet, mobile phone or other touchscreen device to check off the status of each item as you inspect it.
  • Select inspection attendees from the list of people added to the project, or manually add external attendees (e.g. engineers, consultants or trades brought in for specialized inspections).
  • Attach supporting images and indicate corrective action for items that didn’t pass inspection.
  • Sign the document using your finger (digital signatures).
  • Print or download as a PDF in addition to saving to your dashboard.

As with all new functionality, if you're already subscribing to Field Relay, you'll automatically have access to Site Inspections. Existing subscribers simply need to activate it under the settings tab. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this new module and how to get it working for you.

Field Relay helps companies access their safety activities, practices and procedures on the jobsite and in the field. Imagine your safety manual online and completely searchable by keyword. Manage and record your toolbox meetings, field level hazard assessments, near misses, incident reports and SDS (MSDSs). All on your mobile device. Hello, paperless jobsite.

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