New Module: Working Alone Safely

June 11, 2015

Field Relay has launched a new module to improve safety for employees working alone. The Working Alone module is designed to allow employees working alone to check in at timed intervals using their mobile phone or tablet, ensuring they are being monitored, and management is aware of their safety.

Here’s a closer look at the module:

  • For each hazard assessment, select an employee, or several employees, that will be working alone
  • Enter employee’s mobile phone number and where they are working
  • Customize check-in interval for each employee (e.g.: require check-in every hour, or every four hours) as is appropriate to the hazards involved in their work
  • Site-wide alert band displays for the worker, with a countdown until next check-in time
  • Worker gets a text message if they pass their required check-in time (become overdue)
  • Single click check-in
  • Timer re-starts after each check-in
  • If worker does not check in, management receives an alert
  • Worker signs out once they are finished working alone
  • Works across all platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
  • The employee working alone has access to all Safe Work Procedures, the company safety manual, MSDSs, and safety contacts using the Field Relay site

If you're already subscribing to Field Relay, you'll automatically have access to this new module, including all functionality described above. If you have any questions about the Working Alone module, please be in touch and we'll be happy to answer them.

Good to Know: Occupational Health & Safety regulations require companies to provide a means for employees working alone to check in with their employers to ensure their safety. In general terms, an employee is considered to be working alone if the employee is working in circumstances where assistance may not be readily available when it’s needed, in case they are hurt or get sick. Check your provincial safety regulations for specific employer requirements that apply to you.

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