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Take your safety forms and procedures online.

Field Relay helps companies access their safety activities, practices and procedures on the jobsite and in the field. Imagine your safety manual online and completely searchable by keyword. Manage and record your toolbox meetings, field level hazard assessments, near misses, incident reports and SDSs (MSDSs). All on your mobile device. Hello, paperless jobsite.

Your Safety Manual Accessible on Smartphones and Tablets

  • Easily build your safety manual online
  • Drag & drop to re-order sections and sub-sections
  • Include images, videos, and documents
  • Print your manual as PDF
  • Search your content by keyword for quick reference
  • Include your safe work practices and safe job procedures
Safety Manual

SDS Quickly Available

  • Upload your SDS documents
  • Search to easily find the one you need
  • Track expiry dates of each SDS
  • Receive an alert when an SDS is close to expiring

Know Your Users

  • Look up employees to view safety participation
  • See what certifications they hold
  • Receive an alert when retraining is required
  • Know if your crew is appropriately trained to perform their work

Dashboard Reporting

  • Your safety stats at a glance, using graphs and charts
  • Most popular toolbox meeting topics
  • Frequently identified hazards, and other stats for key safety learning
  • Number of near misses
  • Track employee participation
  • Recent incidents

Safety Resources

Store global safety documents and link to common safety resources, like one-call directories, so you can access them easily in the field.

Hazard Assessments

Field Level Hazard Assessments

  • Record your hazard assessments on a tablet or smartphone
  • Identify your muster point and prioritize hazards
  • Track actions taken to offset hazards
  • Easily record who’s at the meeting
  • Capture signatures at the end of each meeting
  • Downloadable in PDF format

Toolbox Meetings

  • Record your toolbox meetings on a tablet or smartphone
  • Track actions to be taken
  • Tag employees who attended the meeting
  • Set your next meeting date and time
  • Search and view previous toolbox meetings

Working alone? Stay safe.

  • Employees working alone can check-in using their phone or tablet
  • Customize the check-in interval
  • Employee sees check-in countdown
  • Employee reminder text message when they need to check-in
  • Get an alert if employee doesn’t check-in

Near Misses

  • Record your near misses
  • Upload photos and tag people involved
  • Record signatures from all parties
  • Alerts automatically sent to safety manager and foreman
  • View reports to understand your common contributing causes
Near Misses

Incident Reports

  • Record any incidents that occur on the job
  • Track contributing causes and any immediate actions taken
  • Upload an unlimited number of incident photos.
  • Tie the incident to correlating hazard assessments
  • Log everybody involved in the incident

Pre-Trip Inspections

  • Log mileage before each time the vehicle or equipment is used
  • Log hours of use in cases of forklifts, skid steers, etc.
  • Pre-set your equipment inspection points
  • Log repair issues and include pictures
Pre-Trip Inspections

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